Non-Partisan Elections? Nah!

Commission members Taylor and Scissura

We respect Adam Lisberg, but we think he’s making too big a deal about non-partisan elections. His DN piece suggests that pressure from Mike Bloomberg could force the 2010 NYC Charter Revision Commission to place “top two” or another form of non-partisan elections on November’s ballot. We disagree.

What’s more, we think Lisberg’s employer is using this piece to confect a chance for commission chair Matthew Goldstein and his colleagues to prove their independence from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

That aura of independence will boost the public’s confidence in the commission — which Bloomberg appointed — and bolster the mayor’s claim that he’s not controlling it.

And it will improve the chances that a Bloomberg-wary electorate will not shy away from the commission’s ballot proposals just because voters perceive the panel as his instrument.

Matthew Goldstein and his colleagues strike us as honorable people and intelligent, independent thinkers.

We’re not as confident as some are that Mayor Bloomberg will exert pressure on the commission members, or that if he does, they’ll roll over.

But it doesn’t hurt to have a group of influential minority political leaders help them make their decision.

Our thanks to reader Pat Dolan for alerting us to this story.

One response to “Non-Partisan Elections? Nah!

  1. I will vote against any “charter reform” being pushed by Bloomberg. He is all about turning NYC into a permanent plutocracy, and any such “reforms” will be intended to help in that cause.

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