Like a Cheap Guitar


The San Men were played like cheap guitars.

Bloomberg and Goldsmith are very smart — no one denies that. They surely were smart enough to know that staff reductions and the October edict demoting 100 Sanitation supervisors would provoke a DSNY job action —formal or not — at the winter’s first big snow storm.

As predictable as worker backlash was, so was the anger that many New Yorkers are feeling today.

Is there anyone out there naïve enough to believe the Bloomberg crew didn’t expect both of these responses?

Who, then, do we hold responsible for how the blizzard was handled?

The instruments, or the musicians?

And what’s the tune?

3 responses to “Like a Cheap Guitar

  1. The people knew that it’s a job action by the supervisors on the first day, but unfortunately there was nobody running the city and the supervisors lied and gave bs stories to their bosses about why they are having difficulty removing the snow. It’s sad to see the wrong people getting punished, these are the best supers and chiefs in bk boro south

  2. Now you read that the Mayor is proud that they handled the recent storm correctly. No they didn’t. Our little street was plowed about 4 times, sometimes while it was just wet! Overreaction is another sympton (like underreaction to the big storm) of the same thing: poor management. The mayor says “we learned from past mistakes.” That makes it sound like the City never handled a snow storm before. The snowstorms were handled well before Mr. Goldsmith arrived. So what was the problem? Guess…

  3. In the first snow storm..Mahattan Beach roads were not plowed until a week later, after the snow storm… we pay high taxes and the services we get back from the city are minimal…it’s an injustice !!!
    After one week ,the plows went down the side streets once… the snow piles in the middle of the streets were unsurmountable..they lasted four days until the sun melted them slowly……with my four wheel drive suv … I got stuck three times…
    This Mayor must do less bs and more action for this community and New York in General..

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