Mayor Bloomberg Had Nothing To Do With It.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Once again, the Daily News has criticized the work of the 2010 NYC Charter Revision Commission without implicating Mike Bloomberg, who appointed it.

A September 10 News editorial echoes a NY Times poll, which showed over 70% of New Yorkers are disappointed by the charter commission’s decision to offer voters a chance to restore two-term limits, but not until 2021, and to use a second ballot question to lump together seven separate charter proposals.

Lorna Goodman

In a letter to the DN editor, commission executive director Lorna Goodman blamed the multi-purpose question on the board of elections, which, she says, told her that the city’s new paper ballot couldn’t accommodate all seven proposals separately. According to the News, the elections board denies this.

The News says the solution is to “Reconvene to fix the error and, while the panel is at it, pass an honest term-limits question. If there is not sufficient time under the law, the commission will have to scrap its work and let a new panel take over next year.”

But the News probably knows that the 2010 commission can’t modify its proposals. And if a new panel is formed next year, it will be named by the same mayor who chose this year’s group. It will be no more likely than the 2010 charter revision commission to act independently of him.

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