Queens Civics Advance Charter Principles

Queens County Farm Museum

NYC Charter Revision: The Queens Civic Congress is the only borough-wide coalition of civic associations in New York City. Because we respect their efforts to protect the individuality and distinctiveness that make Queens great, we are posting the Statement of Charter Principles the congress recently prepared. We are grateful to the QCC president, Patricia Dolan, for sharing it with us. Here’s Pat’s letter after the break:


The Queens Civic Congress met at the Queens Farm on June 21 for the first and only borough-wide civic forum in the entire city on the City Charter Revision Commission.

Attached is a Statement of Charter Principles that QCC members agreed are key issues for the City Charter Revision Commission.  The Statement includes core issues addressed in the Queens Civic Congress Platform 2030 that member organizations adopted in 2009.

At the QCC forum, Queens civic leaders were clear in their demands for term limits, retention of the borough presidents and community boards–a message that the Commission heard.

Early on in the Charter Revision Commission’s deliberations, the CCRC decided to limit its proposals for this year’s election.

They decided to make term limits and voter participation major issues for the electorate this year.

And they decided to postpone consideration of complex land use issues and the structure of city agencies for future election cycles.

CCRC heard QCC and citizens who stood up for open, transparent city government.  We will learn on August 2, when the Commission issues the proposals for the November election whether the CCRC listened to us.

The final open meeting in Queens will take place at Queens Borough Hall on Wednesday July 28 at 6PM.

Meantime, please read the Principles and share them with your neighbors and friends.

Thanks to the panelists at the QCC Forum; Lorna Goodman of the CCRC; Rich Hellenbrecht, QCC; Alexandra Rosa, Queens Borough President’s Office; Sascha Puritz, Manhatttan Borough President’s Office; and Alvin Berk, Brooklyn CB14 & City Pragmatist.com.

Thank you QCC officers Rich Hellenbrecht; Jim Trent; and Sey Schwartz whose contributions to the Statement were critical and invaluable.

And thanks to all the QCC executive board members who read, edited and commented on the Statement.

Patricia Dolan

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