A Sign of the Times

Know a young hacker hacking in your neighborhood? Does he or she want to fight cyberterrorism? The New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination wants to know him – or her – too.

In a remarkable program announcement, the mouthful NYSOCSCIC (try pronouncing that!) is reaching out to all “individuals [18 and older] with the interest and skills needed to meet the cyber security challenges facing us today” and offering them a chance to take an on-line test that could “enable competitors to be considered for participation in a week-long cyber security camp in NYC this July to receive free training and be eligible for scholarships.”

Too bad they don’t offer a comparable opportunity for bloggers!

BTW, the announcement includes a “Cyber Alert” indicator. Rest assured, right now the alert is only at the blue bar, the second lowest level.

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