Community Boards in the News

Julie Menin, chairwoman of Manhattan CB 1, on the U.S. dropping its plan to try accused 9/11 terrorists in lower Manhattan. Board 1 had vociferously opposed holding the trials in their area.

Brooklyn CB 3 reacts to controversial new Bed-Stuy shelter for alcohol and drug abusers.


Good News from Carol Rinzler on behalf of 250+ Friends of Parks:

Nearly four years ago,

when we were all a lot younger and marginally more beautiful,
we sat down to detail what we wanted
from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

At the top of the list:
“Transparency in the awarding of concessions.”
Today, we are pleased
to share with you this statement from
Commissioner Adrian Benepe
which we believe may significantly alter the atmosphere
regarding the awarding of concessions in our Parks.

We understand and expects that the 59 NYC Community Boards
now have the responsibility to set the venues in which
the Parks people can meet with members of the community
to review proposed concessions.

And, while we know there will be disagreements ahead,
for now, we are pleased
to welcome the Commissioner
as an honorary member of the 250+  Friends of NYC Parks.

Carol  Rinzler       Carol  Schachter       Carol   Greitzer       Pat Dolan

Gary Papush                                 Jo Anne Simon


“Recently, my senior staff and I met with Carol Rinzler, Jo Anne Simon, Pat Dolan, and Gary Papush of the 250+ Friends of NYC Parks to discuss how the community might feel more informed of Parks projects, initiatives, and particularly concessions in a more systematic, transparent and interactive way.

“It is now our plan to go beyond the requirements set forth in the city’s rules regarding the Franchise and Concession Review Committee and to expand our a process to where we regularly and formally present new or significantly modified concessions to the community before we issue the Request for Proposals (RFP)

“We believe this will work best if the Community Boards work to formalize the forum at which these proposed concessions are discussed. We know that there are often neighbors or civic groups that would be interested in commenting on concessions, so we  want to work with the Community Boards, who with the Borough Presidents’ offices are the primary forums for public expression on proposed concessions, to expand the notification of our presentations to these groups to ensure we reach a broad constituency.

“By creating a process that assures this level of interaction, we hope to be more successful in issuing a RFP that balances the needs of the community, the City, and the future concessionaire.

“We look forward to working with 250+ Friends of Parks and other constituents on issues facing our parks. ”

(signed) Adrian Benepe

Upcoming Community Board meetings.

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