Hail to the Chief!

Our good friend, Patricia Dolan, has assumed the presidency of the Queens Civic Congress. It’s about time!

Pat has been the (usually) low-keyed behind-the-scenes driver for the Queens community’s voice in politics and government for as long as we’ve known her. She’s the right woman for the job.


POB 238

Flushing, NY 11363

718 225 2807                                                                    queensciviccongress@aol.com

February 12, 2010

Dear QCC Member:

This is to announce that Corey Bearak has resigned as President of the QCC and as a board member of the QCC Foundation yesterday, February 11, 2010.  I spoke with Corey yesterday, and he believes it is in the best interest of the QCC and its mission that we move on.

Corey said, “I spoke with fellow civic leader Patricia Dolan earlier today to advise her that I have found that my professional obligations no longer permit me to devote the time I believe necessary to serve as President of the Queens Civic Congress.  I had fully expected a return to “normal” this week but more interest in my professional services developed over the last several weeks and I really wish to explore the opportunities offered.  As we both know, my original commitment was two years and I agreed last spring to try to do a third but now we just need to move the timetable up a few months.”

Cory further said, “I made clear to Pat and I committed to her that I would help her succeed in every way that I possibly can.  Queens Civic Congress and all it continues to stand for means a lot to me and I remain proud of my role in building the coalition and helping to make it an influential force in the borough and at City Hall and in Albany.

I thanked Corey for all his years of service and dedication to the civic movement and the founding of the QCC.  I wished him well, and said we look forward to his playing a civic role in the future.

I announced to the Executive Committee yesterday that Pat Dolan will assume the Presidency of the QCC pursuant to the By-laws.  I asked Richie Hellenbrecht, a current Vice President, to assume the role of acting Executive Vice President.

Pat Dolan said, “I am looking forward to welcoming more than 100 Queens civic organizations

to the QCC annual luncheon on April 11 when I will discuss building on the Queens Civic Congress’s extraordinary record of achievement.”

I ask all of you to help and support Pat in completing our civic year.  Elections will be held in the summer to fill both the QCC and QCCF positions.  The QCC and QCCF have always been and will continue to be non political and non partisan in the civic movement to better our communities.

If you have questions please free to call or e-mail me.

Sean M. Walsh

President Emeritus

For immediate release to membership and press

Press inquiries should be addressed to Sean M Walsh

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